Our Training Aircraft with Advanced Avionics

Our flight department uses Piper Archers which are a four seat aircraft. Each aircraft is equipped with the state of the art Garmin 430 Waas, and is the best training aircraft available. For the multi-engine training we use a Piper Seneca II Turbo twin engine plane. These are much bigger and more powerful then the other planes used at other flight schools, and provide better training in preparation for the airlines!

This shows the Garmin radios with the multi-function display. All aircraft have the same radios installed to make the training much easier!


How this program is set up is that we only have four students going thru at a time. This ensures that each student has individual instruction and care, so that each student does not get lost or overlooked which is a common problem at the big schools. Each student will get a minimum of 1 to 2 hours of flight time per day. 

A typical training day consists of the following:

o Ground school for that day's training objective for 1 to 2 hours.

     One hour training flight with two of the other students in the back seat of the plane. This way the students get a chance to listen and actually see the flight maneuver before having to do it.  This turns 300 hours of flight time into 900 hours of being in the plane learning the radios, procedures, and systems!

     We fly in the Los Angeles, California area which is one of the most busy airspace's in the world. This gives our students the confidence to compete for First Officer positions with the airlines. Many of our students are hired by the airlines right after graduation.

     We ONLY have experienced Captains working as the flight instructors. This provides much more attention to detail, and having a mature responsible person in charge of the training. At other flight schools the flight instructors are just another young student that got to the flight school 6 months earlier! This often leads to many problems in the training due to the lack of experience and maturity on the part of the instructor.