Mexico Aircraft Rentals

We offer flight training in our twin engine aircraft for international flights to Mexico. Learn how to conduct boarder crossings, clear customs, and add international flight operations to your log book!


We offer two multi-engine aircraft for rent at $300 per hour dry. This is not a charter company, so renters are required to have a valid pilot's license at the time of rental. The costs for the Certified Flight Instructor is $75 per hour plus expenses. Average costs of hotels range from $35 usd to $100 usd per day. Rental cars or taxis cost about $50 usd to $100 per hour.

Trips are planned together with your Flight Instructor, and can be made to fit your training budget.

Training Events That Can Be Accomplished

Instrument Long Cross Country

During your flight training to Mexico you are able to fly simulated IFR under a view limiting device. Three different types of approaches and 250 nm along the airways meets the FAA requirements. The instrument rating is for Airplane, so this counts even if you are going to do your Instrument rating in a single engine aircraft.

Commercial Multi-Engine Cross County Flights

For the FAA Commercial Multi-Engine Airplane rating you are required to have a total of three cross country flights. These cross country flights consist of one 2 hour day cross country flight in VFR; one 2 hour night cross country flight in VFR; and one long cross country flight over 300 nm with landings at three separate airports.

In addition to your cross country flights, other Commercial requirements can be met! These other requirements consist of 5 hours of Simulated Instrument Flight; 5 hours of night; and 10 take offs and landings at a control tower at night.


Piper Seneca II Turbo Charged (PA-34-200T)

Garmin 430W, Six Seats, New Interior.

Piper Aztec (PA-23-250)

Dual Garmin 430W, Six Seats, New Interior, Weather Radar, CD and FM/AM radio, HSI, Avidyne Multi-Function Display, Traffic and Terrain Awareness, JDM Engine Monitor, air conditioning.


We are located next to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). It is a very easy destination to come to with a wide arrangement of other holiday attractions such as Hollywood, Disneyland, and Las Vegas within easy driving!

Trip Suggestions

Tijuana, Ensenada, San Felipe

These trips are very short and provide the basics for learning boarder crossing requirements. Flights to these airports can be accomplished in 2 to 3 hours of flight time. These cities do not offer much for holiday activities.

San Carlos, Guerrero Negro, Loreto

These trips can be accomplished in under 10 hours of flight time. Some of the holiday activities include sailing, horseback riding along the shore, outstanding fishing, and amazing whale watching! During the months of November to February the Grey Whales give birth to their calves in the shallow bays along Baja Mexico. It is possible to rent local boats to go out to see the baby Grey Whales which are very friendly. They often come up to the small boats to be petted! This is one of the best holiday experiences!