Honor Graduates

Each year we select one of our students as our Honor Graduate. This individual is someone that we are very proud to say he is one of ours!

Honor Graduate for 2019

We are very proud to have Mr. Alex Menuet as our Honor Graduate for 2019. Mr. Menuet has done a wonderful job earning his pilot ratings and being our First Officer on the King Air. We are looking forward to seeing where Alex starts working!

Honor Graduate for 2018

I would like to thank Riter Aviation and King Air First Officer program for giving me the opportunity to be part of this special program. I had a wonderful time training here.The school provides such good care of me, not only academically, but also living arrangements and responses to all my basic needs.

On the plus side, flying in Southern California was so much fun.There are many interesting places to fly to. The weather was always nice, I got freedom to fly whenever I wanted to.

The best part of this program would be all those King Air trip; flying internationally, different approaches, and conditions. This training truly widen my horizontal and helped preparing me to be professional pilot in the near future. The experience I gain here will always be crystal clear in mind. Thank you Riter Aviation and King Air First Officer program for making my dream of becoming career pilot comes true!

June Chaiworawitsakun 

We are very proud to have Ms. June Chaiworawitsakun as our Honor Graduate for 2018. Ms. Chaiworawitsakun completed the demanding program within seven months, and passed all written and practical check rides on the first time with very high marks! Ms. Chaiworawitsakun will be a Corporate First Officer with MJets in a Citation CJ3. We have complete confidence that Ms. Chaiworawitsakun will uphold the high standards of airmanship, and that she will protect life and property as required of all pilots.

Honor Graduate for 2017

Coming to California and flying with Riter Aviation was probably the best decision I made for my flying career. I had zero knowledge about flying airplanes before I came here and in just one year, I can confidently say that I am a well trained pilot that can fly in Los Angeles airspace, one of the busiest airspace in the world. Riter Aviation not only taught me basic flying skills, but also instilled in me the characteristics needed in order to have a successful flying career. In terms of experience, this program gave me international flight time in a King Air C90 and more than 300 hours of cross country time. I would say that this program is a very good investment and is worth every penny.

-Sunshine C. BaraquieL

Ms. Sunshine Baraquiel is our Honor Graduate for 2017. During her time with us Sunshine was a great help to our flight department, and was a pleasure to fly with! She demonstrated a great deal of self discipline and worked very hard! We know she will do very well as a professional airline pilot!

Honor Graduate for 2014

"My time in California with Instructor Robert Riter and my fellow student pilots have been the best year of my life. I spent an entire year researching flight schools before deciding to come here. With many other flight schools today just providing students with the bare minimum requirements for employment, how do you gain advantage over other applicants? Riter Aviation gave me so much more to differentiate myself from the competition, not only in the number of total hours but also professional techniques from corporate aviation that only this school can offer. The most noticeable assets I received are the skill and confidence in real world flying and being able to just point to practically any airport on the chart and fly there. While most people solo in the pattern at their home-bases, I did mine from San Francisco and ended the first leg at an airport I've never even been to before. Southern California is one of the busiest airspaces in the

world for general aviation and training there pretty much guarantees that you'll be ready for anything. I'm proud to recommend Riter Aviation to anyone. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] - Paul Emaruchi"

Mr. Teera "Paul" Emaruchi is our Honor Graduate for 2014. During his time with us Paul worked very hard to complete his training quickly. He has earned our respect and we are looking forward to hearing which airline he chooses to work as a First Officer! We wish Paul the best!

Honor Graduate for 2013

"I only got 2 years of aviation under my belt, but I can tell a pilots initial training is an important element in the whole career of the pilot, and the foundation is his future performance. So I would like to thank Riter Aviation for making me a solid pilot before shooting curriculums to the Airlines. I am currently flying the ATR 72/600 in Brazil. Study hard, stay focused and never neglect your gut instinct when flying or planning a flight, that will keep you alive."

Wish all the best to the new pilots.


Mr. Brian Toledano is currently a First Officer with Azul airlines in Brazil. During his time with us Brian did a wonderful job. He learned first hand that with flight operations the "plan" is just something we talk about, but the planes, the weather, and the clients are what drives us as pilots. We wish Brian the best!