Benefits of Our Program From Other Flight Schools

     Other flight training institutions use very low time and inexperienced flight instructors. In fact, most schools use the former students as their flight instructors and sometimes don't even pay them any wages. As you can imagine, this leads to very poor instruction at the most basic level. With our program we only have up to four students at a time, and each student is directly trained by an experienced Captain with several thousands hours of flight time. Our flight instructors are FAA Gold Seal certified flight instructors with many years of training new pilots!


     Our program is designed to have each student graduate within 6 months. We are able to do this due to having our own planes, having just 4 students, and having a very focused training program in place. This means that each student will spend less money on living expenses, and get that airline job as quickly as possible! With our program you are able to obtain the 500 flight hours, and the minimum amount of jet training necessary to get hired. No other flight schools offer this training.


     One of the most common problems at flight schools is that they take on way more students than they can teach. This results in many students sitting around the flight school with no planes to fly, and no instructors to work with them. It is often the case that many students take up to a full year just to earn their Private Pilot's license. 


     In order to obtain a position as a pilot the best plan is to have actual work experience, and letters of recommendations reflecting that you can do the job. Upon graduation from our program each student will have actual work experience, and experience on international flights going to Mexico and Canada. With entry level pilots it is all about obtaining as much multi-engine time as possible! We provide a minimum of 10 hours of multi-engine time. As a extra bonus each student is given a minimum of 10 hours of turbine multi-engine time in a King Air. The King Air is the most widely used Corporate aircraft in the world, and is very common in every country. Many airlines and corporate flight departments have a minimum of 10 hours of turbine time before they will accept an application. With our training program you will meet this very hard requirement upon graduation! The King Air is probably one of the most common pilot jobs available!


     Another major problem with other flight schools is that they only provide up to 230 or less of total flight hours. It often takes a student more flight hours to obtain the Multi-engine Commercial Rating, and this adds a great deal of costs right at the end of the program. We offer 300 hours of flight time for the same amount of money as the schools offering 230 hours. This helps ensure that each student has enough flight time to earn all of their FAA pilot licenses.


     Being a professional pilot is dependent upon one maintaining a healthy life style. Every six months a pilot is given a very detailed and comprehensive flight physical. While at our flight school we provide a full gym membership to each of our students! We also provide bicycles for riding along the beaches in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. It is our goal to produce a well rounded pilot that will be able to have aviation as a career for many years!

The gym at our base in Torrance, California which has everything.  

The bike path along Torrance Beach, California. This is a typical day...lots of ocean breeze...and many nice places to stop along the way. We maintain bikes at the hanger, and it is just a 20 minute drive to the beach.