For those that desire to enter directly in the airlines in the United States a minimum of 1500 flight hours is required. To reach the 1500 flight hours is a tremendous task!

We offer a 2 year cadet program which will meet this goal, and prepare you for immediate employment after graduation.

How the Cadet Program works

This is an intense two year training program. The first 6 to 12 months each cadet will earn their Private Pilot, Instrument Airplane, and Multi-Engine Commercial ratings. Then for the remaining time in the program each cadet will fly 50 to 75 flight hours per month until reaching the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) minimums of 1500 hours.

We are based in Southern California and Arizona where the weather conditions are best for flying! Reaching the flight hours is relative easy in our locations.

This program provides the following benefits:

1500 flight hours

Housing and transportation for the two years

50 hours of multi-engine flight time

International trips and jet training

Letters of work experience upon graduation

Job placement with green card for employment and citizenship in the USA.

Costs of the program

The total cost of this program is $200,000 usd. This covers all flight training, testing fees, TSA fees, and travel expenses while on the international trips.

Each student must complete the basic program before applying to this program. If accepted the student can receive financing for the remaining flight training program on approved credit. Financing is at 10% interest with payments deferred upon graduation.

Benefits of this Program

By completing this program you will be able to jump ahead in your flying career. In other programs one has to take a beginner pilot position such as being a flight instructor. The pay for these pilot positions range from $30,000 to $50,000 per year. It then takes about 3 to 5 years for that individual to build their flight time to 1500 hours and be qualified for the Airline Transport Pilot rating.

With the airlines it is all about getting hired as quickly as possible as everything depends upon your hire date. From promotions, pay increases, to flying the more desirable routes all depends on your seniority date. Also, your starting pay with the airlines is now in the $75,000 per year range with full benefits. After 3 to 5 years it is possible to be promoted to Captain and easily be within the $150,000 to $250,000 pay rate.

When you are on a clear path to obtaining the 1500 flight hours some airlines are offering monthly payments and travel benefits to have you come work for their company!

This program will save you money and time reaching your goal of becoming an airline pilot!

We only accept a very small class of cadets each year. This is to ensure quality training and the best living conditions for our student.

Differences between our program 

The other programs that you will find are about half of the cost of our program. However, they are all set up with you earning your flight instructor ratings, and then working for their school for free doing instruction.

In order for you to obtain your flight instructor ratings it will take six months to a year. Also, you will spend thousands of dollars on these instructor ratings that you will never use again after you are with the airlines. Once you are an instructor it is not about you, rather it is about the other students. With teaching you will be lucky to obtain 3 to 4 flight hours a day, and this is putting in 8 to 10 hour days! It will take you about 2 to 3 years to get to the 1500 flight hours that are needed for the airlines.

If you are thinking about this path it will work. It will be very difficult. You have to ask yourself if you would be a good teacher. Most new flight instructors have no work experience, and it is their first real job. Giving instruction in aircraft to new students is probably one of the toughest jobs there is, and it does come with a certain level of danger and risks. You also need to consider that the instructors that will be teaching you are just students that got to the school ahead of you, and that they have no experience. These instructors are just there to build their flight time. Under these circumstances it is very difficult to reach your goals.

With our program we do not waste your time with becoming an instructor. We provide a plane and housing for you to just focus on your training! You will be able to fly about 5 hours per day. All of your training is with an experienced Captain with several thousand hours. Our Captains have a desire to train the best pilots possible, and your training is top priority!

By reaching the 1500 flight hours quickly in our program, you are able to start sooner at the airlines. You will be making a better salary and will be better in the long run then trying to become a flight instructor.